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Last week's polish lasted through my birthday and then when I woke up on Friday several of the nails were chipped which was strange because all I had done was sleep. But that is okay, Saturday is redo nails day for me and this was a combination I had planned to do last week, but then smudged before I decided to do the gold with gold glitter.

When I do my nails I usually end up doing the same combination two or three times before I manage to get them to dry without smudging and this one only took two attempts so I was happy with that because it does make for running low on polish occur more quickly.

The pink is actually from a kit that wasn't primarily nail stuff and I had already tossed a red from the same kit because it clumped and was streaky and hard to apply. But the pink is holding up pretty well and the other two colors when I tested them seem to hold up well and considering it wasn't a nail kit was pretty good.  I don't have another pink like it so I do hope to find another one eventually, it is very pearly and the two I have besides this is a dusty pink and a hot pink.

On my toes I have a silver polish with the same glitter and star glitter polish, but I am even worse with my toes so I am not taking pictures of those.

Well, I have stabby head pain right now so I will close this out, hope you enjoyed.
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