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Despite feeling super dizzy I managed to do the exercise today.  I think I did it yesterday as well but I cannot remember and I didn't write it down so I really don't know. 

I may need a walker soon because even with the cane I feel like I need something to hold me up on both sides because I constantly feel like I am going to fall over.  I only have fallen once so far, but I hit my head pretty hard when I did and felt sick for the rest of the day; probably should have gone to the hospital when I did that, but didn't and it was too long ago to do much about it now.

I do think if this exercise works and I get better because of it I am going to study to become a physical therapist and focus on helping people with chronic pain conditions.
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I have to rest. I can barely move, not sure if I will be able to do the exercise bike today.
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Yesterday as I was going to sleep I set a challenge for myself, to do the five minutes on the exercise bike every day Sunday through Saturday regardless of the amount of pain I am in.  When I woke up this morning I was afraid I might miss the first day because even my cane felt too heavy to lift and I wasn't sure I would be able to make it from the bed to the exercise bike.  After a while I was able to put on a little eyeshadow and half dragged myself to the exercise bike and managed to do the five minute ride and the arm exercises so while I am in a lot of pain and even typing hurts, I did manage to do the exercise.  I am hoping that if I can actually make it through the whole week, ignoring the pain and dizziness, maybe that will help set me up for a better next week.
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Did manage to do all five minutes on the exercise bike today.  Still not sure what all I ate, I would need to post four or five times a day if I were to be able to write down what I ate during the day.
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Let's try this again...

Since I am at the end of getting over a cold and feel like I can try and exercise again I thought I would open this up again.

I know I ate something today but I am not sure what it was.

As to the exercise, I attempted to do the five minutes on the exercise bike my GP suggested since I am unable to walk for five minutes on the treadmill.  Unfortunately I couldn't keep the bike going fast enough to actually keep the bike on and it shut off twice on me before I managed a full minute of using it.  Once the minute was done my knees hurt so much that I was in massive pain.  I had to stay sitting on the bike for a while before I could stand the pain to walk back to the couch.  Then I decided to try the arm exercise I gave myself to do to help with my difficulties in lifting things and carrying things.  My arms hurt some but not as bad as my knees did.

All an all it wasn't a bad day considering.  I think since I had a massive migraine that is the only reason why I don't have one right now.

Spoke to soon, migraine is starting to come on.
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Last night was really long for two reasons; the first one as the gas was still pretty bad so Kevin got some new medicine that seems to have helped a good bit in deflating my stomach, at least now it doesn't stick out farther than my chest.  The second reason one of the cats that means the world to me passed away.

On to the food: Both of the meals I have had today have been the Potato cheddar bake, mainly because it is a comfort food for me and I have been really sad and crying over Tiger.  I also had a can of Cherry Coke with each.

Exercise was the normal routine minus the yoga and strength training because I have been feeling unsteady and the wii fit confirmed that I was much less steady today.

Weight was 196.4 and 43.8% body fat so it did actually go down some and I think it may have been the gas/constipation I was feeling.

Last night Kevin did get me a coffee and fries and along with the gas medicine helped my stomach deflate.

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Due to a late start to the day from a migraine/IBS attack last night everything pre-lunch is getting rolled into one blog post.

First about last night.  I started with mental fogging that quickly turned into a migraine, I had fogged a little earlier during the day but had managed to fight through it so I was surprised when it returned so quickly.  Normally when I get the mental fogging it lasts a day or two and then I have a really bad migraine, this one lasted all night, but I also got a migraine within an hour of the fogging starting so that was unusual.  I was also having IBS problems due to a massive gas build up in my stomach.  Generally for people gas is not comfortable, but because my nerves are so sensitive in my digestive system, I was in tears and could barely move for most of the night.  Kevin went out at 1 am to get some over the counter medicine for me to take and while I can still feel a lot of the gas, it did manage to knock it down to a more tolerable level.

As for weight, I had a massive surprise this morning when it was 197.4 with 44.6% body fat, I didn't think I ate that many calories yesterday, so unless the gas is hiding a massive constipation (which it may be because not much has come out over the last week) I am not sure how I gained 3.4 pounds in one day.

For breakfast I had garlic chicken with pasta and corn; sort of healthy but it was in a meal kit, although I do not know how many calories it was.  I also had one 12 oz can of Cherry Coke because we are trying to step me down, starting with two cans a day and then later it will be just one and then we will get smaller cans.

For exercise it was a good day today, I did 10 minutes at 2 mph on our treadmill which I haven't used in ages do to lack of stability.
Then I also did the wii fit plus again, which I had not originally expected to do, but after an hour break from the treadmill I felt I should give it a try.  As promised yesterday, I wrote down every game I did.

Balance Games: Soccer Heading (I was really bad at this, 18 points total), Ski Slalom, and Ski Jump: It may be a while before I do the Soccer game again because it does not seem to realize which side I am leaning toward and when it does it over corrects.

Training Plus: Perfect 10 and Island Cycling: I seemed to have a harder time with Perfect 10 than I did yesterday, again, the board did not seem to know which way I was leaning but it is a fun game so I will stick with this one.

Aerobic: Hula Hoop, Basic Step, and Basic Run (the run actually makes my legs hurt, not the muscles, but the bones, I am not sure why that is, but I am 

Yoga: Deep Breathing, Half Moon, Warrior, Tree, and Sun Salutation

Strength: Single-Leg Extension, Push-up and Side Plank (I cheat on this one), Torso Twist, Jackknife, and Lunge.

The Yoga and Strength training have been set up as a routine so those should stay the same every day.  I will also probably do the same Aerobic and Balance games (minus the Soccer one) every day so unless I say I added or took something out, when I say I did the Wii Fit, this is the list I mean.
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Todays exercise was 30 minutes on the wii fit plus.  I basically did the top row of items in aerobic, strength training and yoga.  I also did the last balance item and the add to 10 thing on the training plus game.

According to the game I burned 133 calories.

If I can remember, I will write down the specific things I did the next time I play to add here.  I did make a routine in the game, although I was a little surprised you cannot include aerobic activities on the routine.


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