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So yesterday, don't really remember much of yesterday.  Today, not so bad.  I have a lot of head pain, but it doesn't appear to be affecting my mood at all.  Part of it may be that the thing I was trying to figure out early in the morning on New Years day, I actually managed to figure out.  It's not Sims related, it's not even something that is really important, but figuring out how to get into something I wanted to do after not being able to for three days made me feel really good.  Unfortunately once I finally got in I got totally lost again so I'm not sure how well I am actually going to do on it.

We have modified my diet a little, mainly because I think we made the transition to Raw Veganism too quickly and I really like potatoes and wanted to be able to still eat them from time to time without it just being a transport for the sodium that I tend to not get enough of.  Most of the day is Raw Vegan, fresh squeezed Orange juice with cherries because apparent cherries have a good pain relieving property although how much that helps I am not sure, also, I don't like Orange juice but with the cherry in it I can drink it.  Lunch is a very large salad, what is included depends on what we have and how it tastes to me that day because my taste buds like to change their minds it seems.  Snacks, eaten throughout the day are Apples, as many as I want; they may have a lot of calories relatively speaking, but the natural sugar, as with the Orange juice, helps to keep my energy more even, which now that I think about it doesn't really work because I go for weeks at a time either getting 4 hours of sleep a night or weeks at a time sleeping 12 to 16 hours a day; not sure if the natural sugar is really working for me.  Dinner is where the potato comes in.  Generally the potato is either baked and eaten or baked, mashed, and eaten.  On occasion it might be something more complex, but that will be more to keep me interested in what I am eating.  I don't think having a potato each day is really going to be that big of a problem with calling myself a raw vegan, unless cheese gets added it is still vegan and raw vegans only have to reach 75% raw vegan for their food intake to be considered a raw vegan so I am still saying I am a raw vegan, just slightly less raw, with the occasional addition of cheese to keep me happy until I don't need it any more to keep me happy.

Anyway, today seems to have been a good day, despite the pain in my head.
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So far today I have had a potato something with cheddar on it.

My head is so dizzy it is hard to type. I could not walk with the cane even, I had to crawl from the bedroom to the living room and then pull myself up onto the couch.  I think I need to rest some until Kevin gets home.


Kevin brought home Long John Sliver's Chicken and Hush Puppies; very happy!
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Potato Cheese Bake and a Coca Cola.  I am trying to remember what I had for breakfast.  I am thinking what I will do is switch to the meal in a can option for all meals not made by Kevin so I know what I have eaten and maybe I will lose some weight, although I have gained weight on days when I didn't eat anything the day before so it is hard to know what is really causing the weight gain.

I am also having an even harder time with coordination.  I keep walking into things, hitting things with my arms I don't mean to and when the computer is involved I tend to click on the wrong thing.
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I think I have had handi-snacks again, I know I have had a Coca Cola because the can is sitting next to me half full.  Other than that I am at a complete loss as to what I have eaten today but I know I am not hungry.  I didn't exercise yesterday due to being so totally out of it by noon and I haven't exercised today because I find that when I exercise I become even more out of it than my normal state of out of it.

Just had a random massive coughing fit so I think I am going to rest again and hope I feel better by the time Kevin gets home in the next 50 minutes.
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I ate some corn chips and had a little soda as a snack sometime after 3 pm but then my parents called for our regular Sunday Google chat so I ended up not eating very much until after the chat and then I still probably only ate a handful of the chips. 

I must have at some point eaten the handi-snack because I don't see it, but I don't remember eating it either.

The chat went well, my head was going towards mental fog even before they called but I fought through it until I couldn't really speak anymore.  I did get to tell them that Kevin was really happy with his Christmas gift and what he bought with it (Amazon gift card) and about the appointment at mental health and how I don't have a mental health problem, just a physical problem that I am not letting get the better of me.

I still need to exercise but I think I need some more rest first before I try and do the exercise bike, I feel exhausted mentally right now and I am not sure I could keep the bike on for the whole five minutes.
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So at 11 am when the cats' food bowls go off (auto-timers) I got up to get something for myself.  I got two handi-snacks because I really wasn't hungry and figured I would finish the coca cola I still have with the cheese and crackers.  I then forgot about the handi-snacks right after I sat down and started trying to figure out what to do with myself.  20 minutes later I accidentally hit one of the handi-snacks with my elbow and then remembered I had them to eat (this is part of why I no longer cook, I have left things in the microwave for four hours before finding them again).  I ate one handi-snack and then had to rush to the bathroom because of the IBS kicking in again.  Now I have one handi-snack left and I am not sure if I should eat it, think I will wait until 3 pm when the food dishes go off again, maybe by then I will be hungry and eat something else.  I also have to figure out when I am going to exercise, the IBS has left me dizzy and so I don't think now would be a good time.
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Since I can never remember what I ate I will now be trying to post it as I eat it unless it is one of Kevin's days off because he likes to take me for drives so I am not home all day.

Breakfast was a pile of bacon (made by Kevin) and half a can of Coca Cola.  You may be thinking to yourself, bacon and coca cola, not really good for migraines, but in my case they don't seem to hurt me either.  It was the last of the bacon so Kevin made more than he normally does and most likely he won't get more for a while.  It is something he gets me as a treat every once in a while because he knows how much I like it.

Also, I do have head pain starting up, I am going to be resting for a while to see if I can make it go away before turning into a migraine which is what it feels like it wants to become.
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Today was another sleep through breakfast but with all of the pain I was in last night I think I needed it.  I woke up a few times but would generally fall back asleep quickly.  I would probably still be asleep if Kevin hadn't woken me up to let me know he was leaving for work.  I asked him to bring me a funnel cake (from Jack in the Box) when he gets home from work, not sure why I want one, I just do and he said that he would so around 9 pm I should be having some lovely funnel cake (it is a small one, you could hold it in the palm of your hand so while it is a treat, it is not as bad as the county fair funnel cakes that take up a whole full sized paper plate.)

I am currently trying to decide what to have for lunch.  I am thinking mozzarella sticks again, but this time I will cook them longer, 12 minutes was not quite fully done but closer than the first time I tried to make them so I know I am close, maybe I will cook them for 18 minutes this time (I like crispy food).  I could also have one of the individual pizzas, or a sandwich, or toast with butter or peanut butter, or a bag of veg but I am thinking that will be the actual dinner so I am not sure.  The mozzarella sticks sound the most appealing so I think I will go with those.

My head is a little cleared today, I think the towel wrapped around it has been loosened a little, so I will look at the next exercise in the screenwriting book I am using to help me with figuring out how best to present the story and when things in the plot should be revealed; maybe I will actually be able to do a whole exercise in one day instead of taking two or three days of thinking to complete a 10 minute exercise.

1 12 oz can of Coca Cola

Mozzarella Sticks (6)
1 12 oz can of Coca Cola

I was able to talk to my parents for a while.

Slimfast type drink

Second Dinner: 
6 inch sandwich on Cheddar bread, with Turkey, Cheddar, and Bacon
1 12 oz can of Coca Cola

I only got a small way through the 10 minute exercise.  It took longer than 10 minutes to figure out what I was supposed to do. I guess it is hard to come up with what is specifically supposed to happen in each episode when you are playing the Sims games and even the best laid plans can run fowl due to the game coding deciding someone should move or die before you have done the intended scene.  Guess I will have to think more broadly on these exercise and also do the cheat that makes my Sim know everyone so I can keep his social up with the people I need him to meet.
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 So I technically slept through breakfast because I didn't get to bed until nearly 4 am (stupid non-conforming sleep habits) and this will start with lunch and may have two dinners depending on how hungry I get later.

4 White Castle cheeseburgers

No drink because we forgot to put new cans of Coca Cola in the fridge after the ones from yesterday were used and I didn't feel like drinking anything else.

I have been on the computer for a little while, no more than an hour, but my head is already starting to hurt and feels like a towel has been wrapped around it so I will be taking a break for a while.  It is not mind blowing pain, but it is enough for me to notice and to make me modify what I wanted to do today to account for the pain.

I ended up having over a two hour nap in order to try and help my head.  I dreamed the entire Poirot episode that I watched last night over again in my head, which is kind of weird as that is not something I normally do.

1 12oz can of Coca Cola

By the way, my head still hurts and feels like a towel is wrapped around it, I'm just trying to push past that right now.  It is only sort of working.

Laid on the floor and moved legs for a minute or two to try and help bring me back into regular exercise.

My legs get the same sensation as  restless leg syndrome  so I decided to start with them exercising to help burn off whatever is causing them to feel restless.

Mozzarella Sticks (6)
1 12oz can of Coca Cola

Attempting to work on my storytelling plot/plan for my Star Trek: Sunset Valley Sim story.  Focus is limited but I am trying to be less critical than I was yesterday since I am having to accept that I cannot think in the same level of detail that I would like to.

Second Dinner: Unplanned, Kevin brought home
Taco Bell:
Two soft chicken tacos
1 12oz Coca Cola (he didn't know I had already had one)

The pain got so bad I ended up taking the Midrin and laying back down around 9 pm and just got up a few minutes ago because I can only see for an hour or so and then wake up and then try and fall back asleep and then wake back up in an hour or so.  I am tried mentally, but I guess physically I have been laying down so much that my body is just not ready to sleep more.  At least the pain is back to a more manageable level right now so that helps, although the towel wrapped around head feeling is still there.  I can think, it is just slow thinking, which is better than when there is no thinking.
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So as usual there are long pauses inbetween when I post, hopefully I will get better about this as Kevin keeps saying that I really need to work harder at writing down everything I have eaten.

So far today I have had:

Late Breakfast:
Taco Bell:
2 chicken soft tacos
1 large Pepsi with ice filled to about 1/3 of the cup.

Late Lunch:
Slice of Cheese Pizza
12 oz can of Coca Cola

I am trying to work on my storytelling plan for the current Sims story I am writing and I can't get past how to answer the most basic question about the story because in my mind I am already past them, but if you cannot explain the big picture, how can you write the text? Right now I feel like my brain is swimming in a pool of jello, I'm not even sure if I understand the question being asked and I have no idea if the detail I want to put into it will be something that comes up later or not, and I am pretty sure that right now my brain could not handle trying to read through the rest of this book to find out. This is supposed to be a ten minute exercise that I have been trying to study for over an hour and I still haven't figured out what I am supposed to do. I know what I want the ending of the story to be, I'm just trying to figure out pacing, when the big reveal should be, when to explain it, so I can figure out how quickly I want to dole out information.

My head hurts!

Small steak
12 oz can of Coca Cola

I admit that is more soda than I am supposed to have, but it has already been done so I can just hope that tomorrow is better.

Now if I could just sleep at the proper time of night!
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I won’t say I drink lots of coffee, in fact, I don’t drink straight coffee; I drink iced and frappe mochas.  I cannot stand the smell of hot coffee, any kind; it makes me want to retch when I walk past them.

The first time I had something with coffee in it came about entirely by accident.  A few years ago walking around in one of the malls we have around here doing our regular window shopping when I noticed a poster in a Godiva store for a chocolate drink with a large clear cup filled with a light brown liquid in it and whipped cream on the top, I started drooling, whenever I think about something I think might taste good, I drool, it can be embarrassing but at least you always know when I like/want something.  Now I have had Godiva chocolate before and really didn’t like it, I have always been a Ghirardelli fan and Ghirardelli is cheaper than Godiva, but at the time Godiva was what I was looking at and that was what I was going to try.  Kevin said I could get a drink and hoped that I would like it.

We went inside, ordered the drink, and watched as they poured the drink into a tall plastic cup.  It had been in a blender to crush the ice and mix the chocolate drink with the ice.  They added the whipped cream and put some chocolate shavings on top.  I took my cup when handed to me and we walked out of the store.  I took my first sip and stopped.  I turned my head to look at Kevin and said, “this is coffee” with a kind of disgusted look on my face.  I took another sip; Kevin suggested I throw out the remainder of the drink since it was obvious I didn’t like it.  But I kept taking sips from the cup, just sips, and only every few minutes instead of drinking continuously like I would if it was a soda.  It took nearly two hours to drink this chocolate coffee while we walked around the mall.  I finished the drink in the car on the way home.

After I finished the drink I didn’t think I would be getting another one, but after a while, Kevin found another place that had a different kind of coffee in the same mall.  Gloria Jean’s Gourmet Coffee became my first favorite mocha frappe; it is smooth and it doesn’t have the slightly bitter taster I get after drinking a Starbucks, which is what I normally, have since it is all over the place.  Then we found a place called Saxby’s and so far, that is my favorite mocha frappe, it is very smooth and really doesn’t have much of the coffee taste to it.  I also like the new McDonald’s Mocha frappe for the taste, almost like drinking a milkshake, but it does worse things to my digestive system than all of the other types of coffee I had tried.

I don’t have coffee very often, if I get it once a week that is a lot, it is usually closer to once a month and typically only when we need really bad things to happen to my digestive system when it has become stuck for over a week.  I am also one of those people who can drink a large mocha and then fall straight to sleep so it doesn’t matter when I have it.  Kevin says I am addicted to coffee and I do occasionally get coffee craving, but I only have the one type of coffee and when someone makes a mistake in the order (like the time they gave me a caramel instead of a mocha at a Starbucks) I can’t drink it, none of the other flavors taste good to me.

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This post may get a little wonky if I miss the red lines saying I didn't spell something correctly.

I took my medicine at 6 pm today instead of 9 pm so the fact that I am still awake is a surprise and I am only just barely awake.

Today's food has been less than the best for my desigetive problems, but they seem to have cleared yesterday's problem so I am happy anyway.

I had blood drawn today for a new set of tests regarding my lower jaw not working for part of yesterday morning.  It was only for a short time, but Kevin emailed my doctor about it and since it had happened before the doctor thought it might be a sign of a muscle disorder.  I do not even want to think about having a muscle disorder right now, I just want to sleep for a while and then get up in the morning.

I have also had some mental confusion today and mild pain in my head, more a dull ache that lasted all day and has gotten worse with looking at the computer screen, but not the insane pain of the migraines I have gotten so used to.

I think I got all of the red lines, now to get ready for bed.
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I took my medicine a little after 9 pm last night and then slept until 11 am and felt like I could have slept longer.  I have been able to look at the computer longer today but I also have pain, I have just been trying to push through it.

I made the mistake of eating shake and bake chicken last night and my stomach felt like it was going to explode.  My stomach expanded quickly and I had to remove my navel piercing because my skin was becoming too tight.  We have decided I will not be eating shake and bake anything again.

I just barely took my medicine for today so I will probably be falling asleep shortly.
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Weight today was 196.0 and 42.9 % body fat, I think that is a decrease, I can't actually remember right now.

Lunch was cheese Bagel Bits because I didn't wake up until after 12:30 pm (I actually originally woke up at 8 am, but then felt really dizzy, like fall over dizzy, so I went back to lay down and fell back asleep).  I also had a can of Cherry Coca Cola.

We went to IKEA once I was feeling a bit better and I ate one of their Chicken strips and one piece of their wonderful Chocolate cake.  The cake also helped with my IBS as, at least for tonight, I am not constipated.

Dinner was a Cheddar Potato Bake and Cherry Coke can.

Due to the massive amount of dizziness that was going on I didn't actually do an exercise routine so we will just use the walk around IKEA as my exercise for the day.  I may be limiting myself to just the 10 minutes on the treadmill each day since I have been getting dizzier and dizzier ever since trying to exercise more again (even the wii fit has indicated this.)  This just means the weight loss will take a bit longer, but I need to be safe at the same time.
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Last night was really long for two reasons; the first one as the gas was still pretty bad so Kevin got some new medicine that seems to have helped a good bit in deflating my stomach, at least now it doesn't stick out farther than my chest.  The second reason one of the cats that means the world to me passed away.

On to the food: Both of the meals I have had today have been the Potato cheddar bake, mainly because it is a comfort food for me and I have been really sad and crying over Tiger.  I also had a can of Cherry Coke with each.

Exercise was the normal routine minus the yoga and strength training because I have been feeling unsteady and the wii fit confirmed that I was much less steady today.

Weight was 196.4 and 43.8% body fat so it did actually go down some and I think it may have been the gas/constipation I was feeling.

Last night Kevin did get me a coffee and fries and along with the gas medicine helped my stomach deflate.

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Tonights dinner was Chicken Stuffing and the second 12 oz can of Cherry Coke.  I did have one handful of plain m&ms as a snack.

Still having stomach pains and it is now sticking out quite a bit.  This is when I would like to have an iced mocha with french fries because those usually make my stomach move.  The pain is getting worse and I am trying to figure out what to do.  Kevin just gave me some fiber pills, they generally help (after a few days) but they can also cause a lot of pain because then things start move too fast.
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Late lunch today was Kirkland Weight Loss Shake, like a Slim Fast shake, but cheaper.

Still having IBS gas problems and took more of the Gas-X Kevin got for me last night.  This is incredibly uncomfortable and I will be really happy when it finally passes.  I think I am constipated as well because I have been thinking back about the past week and I can only remember a couple of time when anything solid actually came out and neither time was of any quantity. 
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Due to a late start to the day from a migraine/IBS attack last night everything pre-lunch is getting rolled into one blog post.

First about last night.  I started with mental fogging that quickly turned into a migraine, I had fogged a little earlier during the day but had managed to fight through it so I was surprised when it returned so quickly.  Normally when I get the mental fogging it lasts a day or two and then I have a really bad migraine, this one lasted all night, but I also got a migraine within an hour of the fogging starting so that was unusual.  I was also having IBS problems due to a massive gas build up in my stomach.  Generally for people gas is not comfortable, but because my nerves are so sensitive in my digestive system, I was in tears and could barely move for most of the night.  Kevin went out at 1 am to get some over the counter medicine for me to take and while I can still feel a lot of the gas, it did manage to knock it down to a more tolerable level.

As for weight, I had a massive surprise this morning when it was 197.4 with 44.6% body fat, I didn't think I ate that many calories yesterday, so unless the gas is hiding a massive constipation (which it may be because not much has come out over the last week) I am not sure how I gained 3.4 pounds in one day.

For breakfast I had garlic chicken with pasta and corn; sort of healthy but it was in a meal kit, although I do not know how many calories it was.  I also had one 12 oz can of Cherry Coke because we are trying to step me down, starting with two cans a day and then later it will be just one and then we will get smaller cans.

For exercise it was a good day today, I did 10 minutes at 2 mph on our treadmill which I haven't used in ages do to lack of stability.
Then I also did the wii fit plus again, which I had not originally expected to do, but after an hour break from the treadmill I felt I should give it a try.  As promised yesterday, I wrote down every game I did.

Balance Games: Soccer Heading (I was really bad at this, 18 points total), Ski Slalom, and Ski Jump: It may be a while before I do the Soccer game again because it does not seem to realize which side I am leaning toward and when it does it over corrects.

Training Plus: Perfect 10 and Island Cycling: I seemed to have a harder time with Perfect 10 than I did yesterday, again, the board did not seem to know which way I was leaning but it is a fun game so I will stick with this one.

Aerobic: Hula Hoop, Basic Step, and Basic Run (the run actually makes my legs hurt, not the muscles, but the bones, I am not sure why that is, but I am 

Yoga: Deep Breathing, Half Moon, Warrior, Tree, and Sun Salutation

Strength: Single-Leg Extension, Push-up and Side Plank (I cheat on this one), Torso Twist, Jackknife, and Lunge.

The Yoga and Strength training have been set up as a routine so those should stay the same every day.  I will also probably do the same Aerobic and Balance games (minus the Soccer one) every day so unless I say I added or took something out, when I say I did the Wii Fit, this is the list I mean.
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Tonights dinner was a Burger King Original Chicken Sandwich, minus the mayo, plus cheese.  
I had about 1/3 of a medium french fry
And one large coca cola (it was supposed to be a medium but they gave me a large).

I was not originally planning on eating this, but I had been craving it for two days so Kevin figured it was better I go ahead and eat it.

It did result in an IBS-D reaction.

Early today I did have a head fogging couple of hours after chatting with my family on the other side of the country via Google chat (I love the video chat).  It actually wasn't that bad because it only lasted a couple of hours, normally they last a whole day so I consider that progress.
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Kirkland Weight Loss Shake - I plan on using these to help me get used to having fewer calories at meals to see how long I can go before I get hungry again.

Nutrition Facts Serving Size 325mL 
Amount Per Serving Calories 230
Calories From Fat 150 %Daily Value* 
Total Fat 2g 3% 
Saturated Fat .5g 4% 
Trans Fat 0g 
Cholesterol 0mg 0% 
Sodium 360mg 15% 
Total Carbohydrates 44g 15% 
Dietary Fiber 4g 16% 
Sugars 38g
Protein 10g 


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