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So yesterday, don't really remember much of yesterday.  Today, not so bad.  I have a lot of head pain, but it doesn't appear to be affecting my mood at all.  Part of it may be that the thing I was trying to figure out early in the morning on New Years day, I actually managed to figure out.  It's not Sims related, it's not even something that is really important, but figuring out how to get into something I wanted to do after not being able to for three days made me feel really good.  Unfortunately once I finally got in I got totally lost again so I'm not sure how well I am actually going to do on it.

We have modified my diet a little, mainly because I think we made the transition to Raw Veganism too quickly and I really like potatoes and wanted to be able to still eat them from time to time without it just being a transport for the sodium that I tend to not get enough of.  Most of the day is Raw Vegan, fresh squeezed Orange juice with cherries because apparent cherries have a good pain relieving property although how much that helps I am not sure, also, I don't like Orange juice but with the cherry in it I can drink it.  Lunch is a very large salad, what is included depends on what we have and how it tastes to me that day because my taste buds like to change their minds it seems.  Snacks, eaten throughout the day are Apples, as many as I want; they may have a lot of calories relatively speaking, but the natural sugar, as with the Orange juice, helps to keep my energy more even, which now that I think about it doesn't really work because I go for weeks at a time either getting 4 hours of sleep a night or weeks at a time sleeping 12 to 16 hours a day; not sure if the natural sugar is really working for me.  Dinner is where the potato comes in.  Generally the potato is either baked and eaten or baked, mashed, and eaten.  On occasion it might be something more complex, but that will be more to keep me interested in what I am eating.  I don't think having a potato each day is really going to be that big of a problem with calling myself a raw vegan, unless cheese gets added it is still vegan and raw vegans only have to reach 75% raw vegan for their food intake to be considered a raw vegan so I am still saying I am a raw vegan, just slightly less raw, with the occasional addition of cheese to keep me happy until I don't need it any more to keep me happy.

Anyway, today seems to have been a good day, despite the pain in my head.
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Kevin has been hoping that if properly motivated I would be able to walk more and do more during the day so he got an annual pass to a nearby zoo because I love animals and it was cheaper than buying two tickets twice.  Yesterday was the second time to the zoo and I fought really hard to stay upright and walk (with a cane and Kevin's assistance) to the elephants at the zoo, my favorite of all animals.  I think we sat on every bench they had getting there and then sat on them all again on the way back.  I think I could have watched them all day but my mental fogging wouldn't even let me do that.  Sitting peacefully on a bench and looking at the beautiful elephants was too much for my brain to handle.

After several hours of resting at home Kevin took me to the grocery store but once we got back I went completely downhill; I couldn't stand up on my own and I couldn't talk at all.  Kevin eventually got me in bed and I slept very soundly all night.  This morning was still a bit rough and I am just now getting to where I can type although speaking is still really slow compared to the average person.

I really enjoyed yesterday and I do not regret going to the zoo; hopefully our next visit will be more successful than this one was.
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Since I can never remember what I ate I will now be trying to post it as I eat it unless it is one of Kevin's days off because he likes to take me for drives so I am not home all day.

Breakfast was a pile of bacon (made by Kevin) and half a can of Coca Cola.  You may be thinking to yourself, bacon and coca cola, not really good for migraines, but in my case they don't seem to hurt me either.  It was the last of the bacon so Kevin made more than he normally does and most likely he won't get more for a while.  It is something he gets me as a treat every once in a while because he knows how much I like it.

Also, I do have head pain starting up, I am going to be resting for a while to see if I can make it go away before turning into a migraine which is what it feels like it wants to become.
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I have been having to take a lot more Midrin lately and I do not want to be taking Midrin at all if I can help it.  Yesterday was a lot of pain, I don't remember what happened before that.  Today was not so much pain as lack of focus.  It took all of the effort I could generate to complete the simple post text for my current Sims story and what I have written is nothing to be proud of, but I just wanted to get it completed so I could move on.  This week has been really beating me migraine and mental fogging wise.  No wonder I miss posting so often, I don't even remember I was supposed to post.
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I felt rather good yesterday, today I do not feel good at all.  I am not sure what is wrong.  The mental fogging and dizziness are bad. 
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 So I technically slept through breakfast because I didn't get to bed until nearly 4 am (stupid non-conforming sleep habits) and this will start with lunch and may have two dinners depending on how hungry I get later.

4 White Castle cheeseburgers

No drink because we forgot to put new cans of Coca Cola in the fridge after the ones from yesterday were used and I didn't feel like drinking anything else.

I have been on the computer for a little while, no more than an hour, but my head is already starting to hurt and feels like a towel has been wrapped around it so I will be taking a break for a while.  It is not mind blowing pain, but it is enough for me to notice and to make me modify what I wanted to do today to account for the pain.

I ended up having over a two hour nap in order to try and help my head.  I dreamed the entire Poirot episode that I watched last night over again in my head, which is kind of weird as that is not something I normally do.

1 12oz can of Coca Cola

By the way, my head still hurts and feels like a towel is wrapped around it, I'm just trying to push past that right now.  It is only sort of working.

Laid on the floor and moved legs for a minute or two to try and help bring me back into regular exercise.

My legs get the same sensation as  restless leg syndrome  so I decided to start with them exercising to help burn off whatever is causing them to feel restless.

Mozzarella Sticks (6)
1 12oz can of Coca Cola

Attempting to work on my storytelling plot/plan for my Star Trek: Sunset Valley Sim story.  Focus is limited but I am trying to be less critical than I was yesterday since I am having to accept that I cannot think in the same level of detail that I would like to.

Second Dinner: Unplanned, Kevin brought home
Taco Bell:
Two soft chicken tacos
1 12oz Coca Cola (he didn't know I had already had one)

The pain got so bad I ended up taking the Midrin and laying back down around 9 pm and just got up a few minutes ago because I can only see for an hour or so and then wake up and then try and fall back asleep and then wake back up in an hour or so.  I am tried mentally, but I guess physically I have been laying down so much that my body is just not ready to sleep more.  At least the pain is back to a more manageable level right now so that helps, although the towel wrapped around head feeling is still there.  I can think, it is just slow thinking, which is better than when there is no thinking.
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Back to the journal and writing stuff down that happened over the day.  I have been away for three days, one day to drive down to Disneyland, one day at Disneyland, and then one day driving back.  I got to spend a day and a half with my Dad which was great, I was so happy to see him again and was really glad the Disney trip went well.  Granted within two hours of being in Disneyland I was fighting to stay coherent, but I made it through most of the day with only going down to the point I had to stop for a while at 3 pm.    I am just glad we went for tame rides and that there was no pressure to get a specific number of rides done.

As for today, I had another doctor's appointment and she has asked me to go completely gluten free again for two weeks.  I had previously done one week on my own, but it had ended because of a meal with Kevin's parents that I had no control over what was going to be severed and couldn't not eat it.  So today I finished what little I had that had gluten and tomorrow we will go back to all gluten free.  Also had about 7 vials of blood drawn for more tests.  Personally I hope something comes back positive so they can finally diagnosis me with something that causes migraines.

Stomach is hurting so ending post now.
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This post may get a little wonky if I miss the red lines saying I didn't spell something correctly.

I took my medicine at 6 pm today instead of 9 pm so the fact that I am still awake is a surprise and I am only just barely awake.

Today's food has been less than the best for my desigetive problems, but they seem to have cleared yesterday's problem so I am happy anyway.

I had blood drawn today for a new set of tests regarding my lower jaw not working for part of yesterday morning.  It was only for a short time, but Kevin emailed my doctor about it and since it had happened before the doctor thought it might be a sign of a muscle disorder.  I do not even want to think about having a muscle disorder right now, I just want to sleep for a while and then get up in the morning.

I have also had some mental confusion today and mild pain in my head, more a dull ache that lasted all day and has gotten worse with looking at the computer screen, but not the insane pain of the migraines I have gotten so used to.

I think I got all of the red lines, now to get ready for bed.
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Had a problem this morning with my face, the bottom half of it did not want to move, the lower left side still has a weird, not really there sensation that has me a bit worried.  I have also still spent more of today asleep than awake but I am still trying to have as normal a day as I can. 

I keep forgetting what day it is, sometimes asking Kevin multiple times in one day, sometimes asking Kevin multiple times in one half of the day.  We are trying to chalk it up to, I don't have anything that is on a schedule so I don't have a good grasp of time right now, but I can't help feeling their might be more to it.  I have never had a good grasp on time but I have generally know what day it was and I generally didn't forget once told on the same day.  I sometimes wonder if my ability to get lost in a place I know if I did something in a different order to what I had previously done is at all related to the mental confusion problems I am having right now.  I actually got lost in high school once because I went out a different door and even though I had been past that door many times walking, going out that door had me completely disoriented.

I am still having pain in my head and it is getting worse the longer I look at this screen so I will probably be ending this post shortly.

I ate mostly potato based food today as well.
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I took my medicine a little after 9 pm last night and then slept until 11 am and felt like I could have slept longer.  I have been able to look at the computer longer today but I also have pain, I have just been trying to push through it.

I made the mistake of eating shake and bake chicken last night and my stomach felt like it was going to explode.  My stomach expanded quickly and I had to remove my navel piercing because my skin was becoming too tight.  We have decided I will not be eating shake and bake anything again.

I just barely took my medicine for today so I will probably be falling asleep shortly.
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I took a few more days off this journal than I planned to, but I am back, although not really improved in any way. 

I am attempting a new medicine to help with my migraines, which I just started last night a little after 9 pm.  I am currently taking it only once a day at night and only half a pill, but will eventually get up to 3 times a day and a whole pill each time.  We are starting really slowly because so far I have reacted badly to very badly to everything we have tried.  This medicine is different from the others I have taken because it is an antihistamine where most everything else I have taken is either blood-pressure or specifically designed to alter the way my brain works.  I am hoping that because it is an antihistamine, that I will have better luck with this one and maybe as a bonus I can reduce the number of allergy attacks I have which are also a year round problem for me.

So far today I have spent a large portion of it sleeping.  They said this wouldn't make me as drowsy as Benadryl does but so far I have been even sleepier than normal and given how long I usually sleep, that is pretty much all day other than random  awakings because of noise or Kevin making sure I eat.  Right now I am tired, my head hurts and writing this is taking a serious effort in stringing sentences together.  I know it takes six weeks or more to find out if a specific medication is going to work, so I will just hope that the sleepiness will not be a persistent problem because even if this makes me well, if I spent all day every day sleeping, I am still ineffective.  Right now I am just happy not to be on an anti-seizure medicine because I went through a lot of those and they all had what seemed like the worst side-effects of anything I tried.

Pain is starting to get pretty intense on the right side of my head and I have only been looking at them computer screen for a short while today.

Food has been mainly potato based.
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Since I have convinced my wonderful husband to stop buying all of the frozen food I love and I have been having migraine/mental fogging/sinus infection problems for the last couple of days and most likely will for the next few if trend is to be observed, I am going to put a slight hold on more daily posts until I am doing a bit better and can actually walk on the treadmill for the 10 minutes I plan to.  I may have to drop it down to 5 minutes at first the way it has been going.  I will admit I have spent way more time on the computer than I expected to, but now that I am past this days Sims 2 playing, I think I will be able to time things out a bit better.
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Due to a late start to the day from a migraine/IBS attack last night everything pre-lunch is getting rolled into one blog post.

First about last night.  I started with mental fogging that quickly turned into a migraine, I had fogged a little earlier during the day but had managed to fight through it so I was surprised when it returned so quickly.  Normally when I get the mental fogging it lasts a day or two and then I have a really bad migraine, this one lasted all night, but I also got a migraine within an hour of the fogging starting so that was unusual.  I was also having IBS problems due to a massive gas build up in my stomach.  Generally for people gas is not comfortable, but because my nerves are so sensitive in my digestive system, I was in tears and could barely move for most of the night.  Kevin went out at 1 am to get some over the counter medicine for me to take and while I can still feel a lot of the gas, it did manage to knock it down to a more tolerable level.

As for weight, I had a massive surprise this morning when it was 197.4 with 44.6% body fat, I didn't think I ate that many calories yesterday, so unless the gas is hiding a massive constipation (which it may be because not much has come out over the last week) I am not sure how I gained 3.4 pounds in one day.

For breakfast I had garlic chicken with pasta and corn; sort of healthy but it was in a meal kit, although I do not know how many calories it was.  I also had one 12 oz can of Cherry Coke because we are trying to step me down, starting with two cans a day and then later it will be just one and then we will get smaller cans.

For exercise it was a good day today, I did 10 minutes at 2 mph on our treadmill which I haven't used in ages do to lack of stability.
Then I also did the wii fit plus again, which I had not originally expected to do, but after an hour break from the treadmill I felt I should give it a try.  As promised yesterday, I wrote down every game I did.

Balance Games: Soccer Heading (I was really bad at this, 18 points total), Ski Slalom, and Ski Jump: It may be a while before I do the Soccer game again because it does not seem to realize which side I am leaning toward and when it does it over corrects.

Training Plus: Perfect 10 and Island Cycling: I seemed to have a harder time with Perfect 10 than I did yesterday, again, the board did not seem to know which way I was leaning but it is a fun game so I will stick with this one.

Aerobic: Hula Hoop, Basic Step, and Basic Run (the run actually makes my legs hurt, not the muscles, but the bones, I am not sure why that is, but I am 

Yoga: Deep Breathing, Half Moon, Warrior, Tree, and Sun Salutation

Strength: Single-Leg Extension, Push-up and Side Plank (I cheat on this one), Torso Twist, Jackknife, and Lunge.

The Yoga and Strength training have been set up as a routine so those should stay the same every day.  I will also probably do the same Aerobic and Balance games (minus the Soccer one) every day so unless I say I added or took something out, when I say I did the Wii Fit, this is the list I mean.
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Tonights dinner was a Burger King Original Chicken Sandwich, minus the mayo, plus cheese.  
I had about 1/3 of a medium french fry
And one large coca cola (it was supposed to be a medium but they gave me a large).

I was not originally planning on eating this, but I had been craving it for two days so Kevin figured it was better I go ahead and eat it.

It did result in an IBS-D reaction.

Early today I did have a head fogging couple of hours after chatting with my family on the other side of the country via Google chat (I love the video chat).  It actually wasn't that bad because it only lasted a couple of hours, normally they last a whole day so I consider that progress.
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As the title of this entry says, this is not a New Years resolution, but at the title of the journal says, I am trying to get healthy.  For a lot of people they would look at this as a "I want to lose weight" blog and they would be 1/3 right.  I need to lose 74.4 pounds according to the weight I just took two minutes ago and that might help me feel all around healthier, but it will not solve one of my problems and it may not solve the other one.  My plan is to list everything I eat during the day and all exercise I do on this journal as my way of making myself more accountable.  As I am hoping to post with each time that I eat and/or exercise, my first food/exercise post will be tomorrow morning.  Yesterday I had some pork, potatoes, lasagna, garlic bread, and one glass of cherry coke (I am slowly removing that from my diet).  I have not eaten everything I will eat today because I had a late start (1 pm) which was cheddar potato bake and one glass of cherry coke; while at Costco I sampled half a mozzarella stick and one small toll house chocolate chip cookie.  I haven't been able to exercise because I am still getting over a sinus infection although I am hoping to try some wii fit balance games tonight.

I may not be able to do exercise everyday and the reason for that is the next 1/3 of the reason for this journal, I have chronic daily migraines, frequently brought on by bright lights and computer screens, but sometimes I have no idea why they occur.  That makes writing in the journal an interesting challenge as I can only spend so much time on the computer each day before I have to stop because of a developing migraine.  I tried writing in a notebook but since I am not accountable to anyone but myself they usually ended before they got past the first day.  So what migraine related do I plan to do with this journal, mainly just talk about them after I have had one and talk about mental fogging problem that I have related to the migraines.  There may be days when I do not post because of the mental fogging, that for me is almost worse than the migraine because while I may not be in pain, I cannot think enough to string two words together to even begin to form a sentence.  If that happens, I will try to update as soon as I can, but if I miss a day or two, that is most likely why.

The last 1/3 of what I am trying to work on related to my health is my IBS-A that I have been dealing with for longer than the migraines.  It has also been suggested that the IBS has made me more prone to having migraines because my nervous system is already showing a low pain threshold with the IBS.  Basically, when I eat, I feel every muscle in my digestive system working, and it can be very painful.  The "A" means that my digestive system will either stop moving or will move too quickly in response to that pain.  This can make going anywhere a test of nerves in more than one sense.  It is not something you really get over, but some people have found that with a controlled diet and healthy lifestyle (like running) they find they have few problems with it.


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