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So I am going to start with a health update because there is actually something new to say and for a change it is good.

So, I don't know if anyone remembers, but I have been having to shave my head every month for the last two years due to scalp pain that got to the point of making me vomit if my hair was left for more than 30 days. A couple of months ago I was watching a video on YouTube by AllThatGlitters21 because I like her videos and I am trying to win a purse I know I have no chance of actually winning, but it is about the possibility more than actually winning for me. So the video was on her Everyday Hair Products and normally I don't watch hair videos because I don't have any hair to do anything with, but I want to try and win a purse so I watched it and she talked about a new conditioner she has been using called NIOXON (specific version of it) and the way she described it, I thought to myself, maybe this could help me. I showed the video to Kevin and he had the same thought and started searching for it. By the time we had a bottle my head had been freshly shaved again so we started with a fresh scalp. I told Kevin that if I didn't have to shave my head for two months I would write her a thank you letter.

Well, two months have passed and yesterday we mailed off a thank you letter and card to Elle for her talking about the conditioner and the way she described it. It is still early days, but I am just so happy to finally have hair and it is slowly getting to the point of looking like an intentional hair cut rather than an unfortunate one.

The video I learned about my new favorite hair product ever from...

I may still have IBS, migraines, and if the pain management doctors are right, fibromyalgia, mental fogging, and lots of problems with coordination, but I have hair again and that is a step in the right direction. I have had several dreams about getting better and in all of them, the longer my hair gets the healthier I am with full health once my hair reaches my waist and I have bangs in all of them, so that is what I am reaching for and we will just have to hope that these dreams are truly prophetic.

And now for nails since I have been forgetting to do this...

So the last nail thing I posted last two weeks just about and then afterwards I just painted everything the yellow I had used in the previous one loudly telling Kevin that I wouldn't just switch to dark colors when fall started like all of the Fashion things tell us to do. Then on the first day of fall I told Kevin that for reasons I can't even find my brain was yelling at me to wear dark nail polish. So I asked Kevin to pick a polish for me because I just couldn't, I had been looking for the whole last week and just couldn't pick something, and so he picked the two you see on my nails now.

I didn't take a picture of the bottles this time because the dark purple just looks black normally, but the darkest polish is a very dark purple with either glitter or shimmers in it (what is the difference between shimmer and glitter, I don't know but I know I hear people say it is different). The other is FuchsiaRama which I have worn before.

I actually really like the colors Kevin picked and the nails he picked for which color.
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