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So as makeup seems to be a big part of my ability to remember to eat breakfast and brush my teeth twice a day and this is posted in my getting healthy journal (if you are reading it on livejournal that is the cross posted entry) it seems to be relevant to the journey of trying to get healthy.

Some of you may remember that one of the side-effects of the pain that I have been experiencing is memory loss, but I don't just forget things I have done, I also forget things I need to do, like eat, and then brush my teeth. So to help with that I have set a rule that I can't apply makeup to my face or nails until after I have at least had breakfast and brushed my teeth and if I can't remember if I did both of those, I will do them again. I also keep the tooth brush and tooth paste with the evening facial cleansers so that helps me to brush my teeth at night, doesn't work as well as the morning reminder, but better than not remembering at all.

Since I am not going to post pictures publicly of my face, I figured I could at least post pictures of what I have been doing with my nails and since I redo them once a week that might make this journal more regularly posted to.

Last Weeks Nails

Because I hadn't thought to do this until this week I am including last weeks nails as well.

I love rainbows and I love shinny things so I did a rainbow on both hands using one color per nail, same pattern on both hands, and then I added a glitter top coat to all of the nail and spent the rest of the week mesmerized by my nails, especially any time they caught the light.

This Weeks Nails

I liked last weeks nails so much I almost let them go another week, but I was starting to see growth at the base of my nails so I decided to go ahead and redo them.

The glitter top coat on the index finger and the ring finger may be hard to see from this angle but I was taking the picture myself this time (Kevin took the other one for me, but he is at work today) and all of the ones where it was showing better came out really blurry so I am going to have to figure out how to take these better as I go as Kevin is not always available when I think of something I want to take a picture of.

This was a hard one to figure out what to do as an accent nail (I have gotten used to one nail on each hand has a special color/glitter on it, last week was a bit unusual as they were all special) as I would usually reserve the Chrome polish for use as the accent nail, but my birthday is this week and I really wanted something special for my nail polish so I decided to use it on all of my nails. Then I spent a long time holding different polishes up next to my nails trying to decide what would make the best accent polish that would go on top of the Chrome polish on the two accent nails (which is normally just the index finger) and when I held this glitter polish next to it I thought it would be perfect.  There is some very small either blue or blue/green glitter in there along with the larger gold glitter that you can see when it catches the light properly (if I remember and my nails don't look horrible by the time Kevin has his next day off I will try and get a better picture).  I also like that while the gold glitter is large, it blends so well with the Chrome polish that it is actually a rather subtle effect which I like a lot.  I liked the glitter polish so much on top of the Chrome that I almost put it on top of all of my nails, but decided it would make it more special just to do the ring finger and the index finger.

I am hoping the Chrome last through my birthday as this is a polish that seems to chip really quickly and oddly enough, it chipped in the center of my nails the other time I used it and normally chipping starts at the edge so I am not sure how that happened.  But this time I have used a better base coat and top coat than I previously did which was just a clear coat polish so, fingers crossed, this time will go better.

I think one of the benefits of the nail polish is that I can actually see the polish all of the time, whenever I want.  With the face makeup, I get the benefit while applying it and while looking at the makeup in the package, but once it is on, unless I spend all day in front of the mirror, which does happen sometimes when everything else is just too much to process, I don't see it.  I feel like I get more out of putting it on than actually wearing it, but I get so much out of putting it on I wouldn't want to stop just because I can't see it after the fact unless a mirror is involved.  I still have a long way to go with both before I would consider myself okay at putting them on, and it probably doesn't help that my co-orientation is terrible and sometimes things end up in completely the wrong place (I have found nail polish as far down as my wrist and don't even get me started on eye makeup) but I do genuinely feel like I am doing something super nice for myself and something of a luxury for myself as well since it isn't necessary to survive so it always seems to perk me up every time I use the makeup or even when I am just looking at it (and it gets rearranged at least twice a week which is something else I get great joy out of because I love organizing things).  

Kevin says he has seen a definite improvement in my mood since the makeup became a regular thing, so while I may not have been depressed, this seems to have helped stave off the frustration and exhaustion that was starting the build from all of the things I don't seem to be able to do any more and that makes it all worth while.
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