Jul. 22nd, 2012

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So as makeup seems to be a big part of my ability to remember to eat breakfast and brush my teeth twice a day and this is posted in my getting healthy journal (if you are reading it on livejournal that is the cross posted entry) it seems to be relevant to the journey of trying to get healthy.

Some of you may remember that one of the side-effects of the pain that I have been experiencing is memory loss, but I don't just forget things I have done, I also forget things I need to do, like eat, and then brush my teeth. So to help with that I have set a rule that I can't apply makeup to my face or nails until after I have at least had breakfast and brushed my teeth and if I can't remember if I did both of those, I will do them again. I also keep the tooth brush and tooth paste with the evening facial cleansers so that helps me to brush my teeth at night, doesn't work as well as the morning reminder, but better than not remembering at all.

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