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So I made a mistake with my polish from last week and starting picking at what was actually a very tiny chip (the stars started falling off on Wednesday, but the pink held up well) and it ended up coming off that nail in a single sheet, which of course made me decide to just pull all of the polish off.

The new polish that is being used is from Revlon and is a limited edition polish from their Moon Candy series and is called Galactic. It is probably the most expensive polish I have, not totally sure, but when I saw a picture of it before it was released in a review (guessing Revlon had sent the polish to the reviewer) I immediately emailed Kevin and said I wanted it, which I don't normally do, I normally wait until he gets home, but I got super excited about this one because it just looks so amazing.

Photo credits go to Kevin. I did the polish today and since Kevin was home I asked him to go ahead and take a picture even though I hadn't cleaned it up yet so now you know what it looks like right after I finish (this is remarkably clean for my attempts at polishing my nails).  This is the first attempt as well, although what you can't see is that there are some smudges between the two hands, but they are going to stay there because I am not going to waste this polish trying to redo it to make it look better.

Because it is expensive and limited edition and I am not very good at putting the polish on, it will probably not be used again until I get better at it.


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