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So I will say now that posting two days in a row was not something I was expecting to do and posting what I am posting is out of the sheer joy and excitement I got from how events unfolded near the end of the day for me.

Today was a doctor visit day, this visit being in Neurology, which apparently means a 1 1/2 to 2 hour appointment and it takes an hour to get there without traffic, and I am generally completely wiped out after these appointments because they poke at me, get me to attempt to do all sorts of things to make sure signals are getting to where they are supposed to be, etc, etc. Traffic here starts around 3 pm and what seemed like some bad luck, had us stuck at the office until 4 pm because the doctor had asked us to wait in the lobby while she wrote something up for me to help me remember the visit and then no one thought to bring it to us until Kevin went asking about 30 minutes or more later.

So I suggested we roll around a mall (there is one right next to the hospital although I always forget it is there while we are there because you can't see it from the hospital) and see if we could kill some time while waiting for it to get late enough for the bulk of the traffic to pass before we headed home because in commute traffic it has taken 2 1/2 hours to get home before, maybe 3, I don't remember and I don't want to remind Kevin. To my surprise, Kevin agreed to this (he was really hungry, breakfast had been around 9 am and no food had been consumed since). So we went over to the mall and got something to eat and then rolled around for a while going into the occasional store, not actually planning to buy anything (it's a high end area, we can't afford most of what was at that mall) but it is always fun to look. During the time we were there I had seen a few people with "little brown bags" from Bloomingdales, two people with the medium one, and only one person with the large one and I had randomly thought to myself, I wonder if Bloomingdales sells something, anything, for under $10, that I could convince Kevin to buy so I could have one of those "little brown bags" because again, we just can't afford things they sell at Bloomingdales. So I asked Kevin at the end of the visit to the mall if we could go around there because we had been to a different one once before (before I got sick and even when we were both working we still couldn't afford anything from there) so this was only my second visit, but I remembered them having really nice bathrooms and I figured, if I am going to try and go anywhere before we hit the road, there is probably the nicest place to spend time in a bathroom.

As we were rolling to look for the bathroom a very nice lady in a roped off area asked if we would like to play a game to try and win a prize that could be a gift certificate. I almost said no but Kevin was all like, sure. It seems they are having some sort of Fashionable Fundraiser and this was part of the event. The lady handed me a token and led me (with Kevin pushing) to one of those grab machines that I have never won anything out of in my life. I was trying to give the token to Kevin because he has won stuff out of those and I didn't want to waste our chance at a gift card even if it was only $5 for the possibility that I might be able to get one of those "little brown bags" and something from Bloomingdales. But Kevin wheeled me to the machine, parked me so I was on my right side because my left side in the upper back so it hurts to move my left arm at all, and made sure I could get the token in. The very nice lady (I wish we had gotten her name) said people had had the most success with flat boxes, meaning boxes on piles instead of standing on their edges, so I did my best to line up the grab thing with a pile in the front that she had pointed out for me. Because I was in the wheelchair I was so low I actually couldn't see what I was aiming for and didn't even know if I was lined up, but I held my breath and hit the button. And it picked up a box, then I realized it had actually picked up TWO boxes, not just one, but until it actually drops it in the prize area you haven't actually won yet because the ones we have tried on occasion before all seem to drop the prize before you get to the prize area. But both boxes made it to the prize area and even the very nice lady was surprised and had me open both to see what I had won. I actually thought she was going to make me give up one of the boxes because I had gotten two and Kevin said even she was surprised at that and apparently most people weren't winning; but she left me have both and I had won two $25 gift certificates. Oh my goodness, I nearly started crying on the spot. She asked me if I wanted to keep the Bloomingdales gift boxes they had come in and I was all "YES" probably louder than I should have been and way more excited than she had probably seen anyone else react because most of the people there could probably afford stuff in that store and $50 isn't a big deal. I was just excited to have a box that said Bloomingdales on it. Then it sunk in that I could actually buy something, from Bloomingdales, and I could buy something nice because I now have a free $50 to spend.

Kevin wheeled me around the makeup counters trying to help me find something that would be useful and special at the same time since, I have no idea when we will ever actually be able to afford something from there again. We were probably on our second lap of the area when a very nice lady a the Lancôme counter said hi to us and asked us if we needed any help (she was also the only one besides the really nice at the game thing to approach us). She noticed I had on lip gloss (that is the only makeup I wear on doctor visit days because you never know what they are going to need to do) and showed us some of those. Then Kevin asked about primer because he knows that is something that would be really useful and I don't have a lot of. They were out of the eye primer that would best match me, but they had a concealer that she said would work basically the same way if I put it on my eye lids, so she helped me by finding the right shade while Kevin looked at their eye shadows. He picked out the one called Pink Envy and I looked at it and liked it so we got that as well. I know we went a little over the $50 but Kevin said it wasn't by much. She asked Kevin if we wanted one of the little brown bags and again I said "YES" so loud she actually started laughing even though this time Kevin had planned to say no (he didn't know I had secretly been wanting one, it was a secret, I wasn't ever going to ask Kevin to buy something just so I could get a bag) Then the very nice lady, whose name is Vera, gave me a gift of a translucent setting/mattifying powder and her card and said if I ever wanted a make-over or anything to let her know. I nearly started crying again when we finally left the store.

The picture below is what I was able to get with my two gift cards and the boxes they had been in. It is all now sitting in front of where I keep my makeup as I decide how best to display it to help me remember days like this. I'm tearing up again so I will stop now.


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