Oct. 2nd, 2012

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I had planned to post this yesterday but was having one of my all day migraines yesterday and spent most of the day just trying to get over that. When the migraine did finally get low enough for me to be able to do much of anything, I wasn't thinking about posting a journal entry. So on with what was supposed to be yesterday's post, if my tenses get messed up, just know that the oops happened on Sunday with the plan to post it on Monday.

So on Saturday I painted my nails the beautiful red color I posted about on Sunday and as per my usual routine because even if the nails feel dry, sometimes the nails can still get messed up on things like bed sheets. On Sunday, after posting about the nail color I realized I still needed to apply the top coat, something I try to wait 24 hours to do, because when I apply top coat on the same day as applying the color I have had a problem with the color transferring on to the brush for the clear coat, but if I wait 24 hours I don't have that problem. Well...

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